Loyalty Stars

☆ Loyalty Stars Rewards Program

Earn rewards by buying the coffee you love.

Earn Loyalty Stars

When you shop at NapalmCoffee.com you’ll earn Loyalty Stars with every item purchased.

Redeem Loyalty Stars

Redeem your earned Loyalty Stars to purchase coffee and accessories.

How do I sign up?

When you make your first purchase on NapalmCoffee.com,  you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Loyalty Stars Rewards program. You will begin earning Loyalty Stars from your very first purchase. If you do not yet have an account, you must select the “Create an account” option during checkout.

How do I earn Loyalty Stars?

You’ll earn Loyalty Stars for each and every item purchased on NapalmCoffee.com. 1 item = 1 Star. All products are eligible to earn you Stars, including single serve coffee pods, bagged coffee, and accessories.  Your Stars will be applied to your account when your order is shipped and billed.

How do I keep track of my Loyalty Stars?

You can keep track of the Stars you earn and redeem through your account page. Stars accumulate with every purchase you make and are deducted when you make a purchase using the “Pay With Loyalty Stars” option at checkout.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Stars?

Simple! After adding an item to your cart you will see the option to “Pay with Loyalty Stars”. Here you can see how many Loyalty Stars are required to complete your order, as well as your current balance. If you have enough Stars, you will have the option to “Pay with Loyalty Stars” at the final checkout page. If you do not yet have enough Stars, this option will be disabled and you must complete your order using either PayPal or Amazon Checkout.

9 ★


12 Extra Dark, Extra Strong Single Serve Coffee Pods. Made using the finest 100% Arabica beans in the world.
9 ★


What better way to enjoy your cup of Napalm than in official Napalm Coffee mug! Each mug holds 11 ounces.

Terms & Conditions

    1. Loyalty Stars are not transferable and may not be combined among other NapalmCoffee.com users, their successors or assigns, or across any other loyalty program or promotion offered by Good Times Coffee Company, LLC or its affiliates. Accrued Loyalty Stars do not constitute property of the member and are not transferable by the member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations order, or (iii) otherwise by operation of law. Loyalty Stars and the awards and benefits are void where prohibited by law.

    2. Good Times Coffee Company is the final authority on qualification for Loyalty Star credit and reserves the right to deny or revoke Loyalty Stars at any time if it determines that Loyalty Star credit was improperly given.

    3. Good Times Coffee Company may, in its sole discretion, change the Loyalty Star program terms, conditions, awards and special offers at any time with or without notice. This means that the accumulation of Loyalty Stars does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to such Loyalty Stars, awards or other benefits. In accumulating Loyalty Stars, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award, award level or benefit of membership. Any award, award level or benefit may be withdrawn or made subject to increased Loyalty Stars requirements or new restrictions at any time. Good Times Coffee Company, may, among other things, (i) withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award or benefit, (ii) change Loyalty Star benefits, Loyalty Star levels, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting Loyalty Stars credit, or (iii) otherwise restrict the continued availability of Loyalty Stars. Good Times Coffee Company may make any one or more of these changes at any time even though such changes may affect a member’s ability to use Loyalty Stars that such member has already accumulated. Members are responsible for knowing the current terms and conditions of the Loyalty Stars program in order to understand their rights, responsibilities and status.

    4. Members are responsible for ensuring that earned Loyalty Stars are properly credited. If a member believes that Loyalty Stars have been earned but not properly credited, such member may be required to submit documentation or other proof satisfactory to Good Times Coffee Company. Any claim for Loyalty Stars not credited must be received by Good Times Coffee Company within 12 months after the Loyalty Stars were earned.

    5. Loyalty Stars Members may access and view their account status at any time on www.NapalmCoffee.com.

    6. If Good Times Coffee Company improperly denies a member Loyalty Stars, awards or some other benefit of the Loyalty Stars program, the member’s exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied Loyalty Stars, award orbenefit, if available, or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by Good Times Coffee Company, which shall have no additional liability whatsoever. In no event shall Good Times Coffee Company be liable to any member, or anyone claiming through a member, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, or lost revenue or profits, arising out of Good Times Coffee Company’s acts or omissions in connection with the Loyalty Stars program.