Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, soldier! You don’t have time for that namby pamby, lilly livered light coffee. You have butts to kick and names to take. It’s the work day! Napalm® Coffee is a bold, dark, full bodied fist full of one-two punch with explosive taste to boot. Now roll out!


Founded in Atlanta, GA, Good Times Coffee Co. started out with one mission in mind: to create a great tasting, smooth, extra dark cup of coffee. A coffee twice as strong to revive you in the morning, get you through the mid-day slump, and give you that extra jolt of energy when you need it most.

After years of experiencing one weak, poorly roasted coffee after another, we were disappointed to realize just how hard it is to find a decent, strong and flavorful extra dark coffee on the market. Thus, we set out on a mission.

Our result: Napalm® Coffee – an intense dark roast made from 100% Arabica beans, rich in flavor with absolutely no aftertaste – all packed into a single serve cup.

Mission complete? Try it and see.